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The individuel is in the foreground, anchored in their loneliness or in their co-dependant relationships. Conveying a meaningful facial expression, a mood or an emotion, is crucial to creating a cohesive image space.

Short stories should be told and situations prompted, opening the space for interpretation. The image space becomes a theatre where figures  appear in different scenarios. In the most dream-like acts, the scenes reflect a degree of intimacy within a wider social critique. It invites the viewer to find (or not find) points of identification. Like a collage, different figures are removed from their original environment and re-assembled in a new context, writing a new story, whether the character is alone or placed in an estranged "community". 

The techniques  and craftmanship used in the development process are intertwined with the content of the story. From the original painted piece, parts are cut out, then embroidered, sewn and glued back into the story-painting. It reflects the act of destroying and repairing.

The use of traditional handmade techniques like embroidery using household materials such as wool, sewing thread, lace and curtain fabric, confronts the viewer with cliches and the outdated perception of the role model woman, as well as its evolution to present time. 


  • born in Berlin in 1979

  • 1999-2004 study of Fine Arts at the University of Fine Arts (UdK) Berlin

  • 2004 Master of Arts

  • 2004-2018 living and working as a freelance artist and teacher in the South of France

  • since 2018 living and working as a freelance artist in Berlin

  • 2022 Art Werdau, Werdau

  • 2022 Villa Cameline, Nice

  • 2021  "NewNormal!" Kommunale Galerie, Berlin

  • 2021 La Maison Abandonnee, Nice

  • 2020 La Maison Abandonnee, Nice

  • 2020 "Apocalypse Ciao!" Galerienhaus Stuttgart

  • 2017 Atelier Canvas, Berlin

  • 2017 Atelier Galerie Borstel, Antibes

  • 2016/15/13/11/10/09/05 Office de Tourisme de Biot, France

  • 2014 The Ballery, Berlin

  • 2012 Galerie Gabel, Biot

  • 2005 Galerie Ferrero, Nice

  • 2004 Galerie Bain Douche, Antibes 

  • 2003 Piaf, Cagnes Sur Mer

  • 2002 Espace des Arts et de la Culture de Biot, France

  • 2000 Messe, Berlin




Druckgrafik-Abteilung der China Academy of Arts

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